Compassionate Coaching

    Are you hard on Yourself...plagued by an inner critic who constantly puts you down?
Do you feel like you need to do more, be more, or give more in order to earn the love and respect of others? Are you usually critical of what you see when you look in the mirror? Then, I invite you to consider a Soul Session. There is help and hope for you here.
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What is Compassionate Coaching?

Compassionate Coaching is my unique version of life coaching built on knowing there is more to you than what is on the surface. That seeing you through the eyes of compassion can help you develop this capacity within yourself. I believe compassion is essential for our healing and growth. It goes right to the heart and soul of creating a sacred space for you to do the work and play ahead of you. This magical mix combines: mindfulness, deep listening, meditation, somatic (body) psychology, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, kinesiology (muscle testing), energy work, neuroscience,  authentic empowerment and of course, compassion. In our sessions you will learn to listen to your intuition, the wisdom of your body and emotions. This will help you to embody a new sense of yourself, one that is clearer, and more connected. You will receive expert guidance, encouragement, and inspiration to break free from old patterns, habits and thoughts that keep you from living your best life, a life where your light shines and you finally feel at ease.

What to Expect from Soul Sessions

In our sessions you can expect to experience mindful compassion, spiritual leadership, and mind/body/spirit centered practices that you can use daily to feel focused, creative, calm, courageous, nourished, and resourced.
    Between sessions, I will support you with email exchanges or texts. My intention is for you to feel I’m alongside you, which of course I am. We will find ways that are uniquely supportive to you, so that you feel connected, seen, heard, and held.Soul Sessions go very deep. They’re about presence and purpose, remembering, and allowing. Together we can create the spaciousness you need to grow. It’s for people who know that cultivating a more compassionate world begins with our own inner world. It’s about commitment, focus, and the courage to embrace change, self-compassion, and letting your light shine in our world in a way that only you can. My clients recognize that their well-being is essential to the well-being of their families, their work, and the world. By nourishing ourselves, everyone benefits. When your needs are met and you feel good, you can more deeply serve others and live your truth. And the world is a more compassionate place because of your clear and loving presence.
One on One Private Sessions

You will meet by phone, by skype or zoom, or in person for your private, one on one, Soul Session.

Group Sessions

Meeting with a committed group of peers can be more economical than private sessions, and connect you with like minded souls who are also working on their goals.

Spiritual Journeys

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Success Stories

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Call today for a FREE introductory break-through Soul Session while they last! In this special session we will:
  • Create a crystal clear vision for moving forward, understanding the issues holding you back from what you want.
  • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success.
  • And you’ll leave the session  re-energized and inspired to get your life back on track.

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