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Professional Law of Attraction coach Teraysa GuinassoTeraysa is much more than just a coach. She is truly an expert with the education and expertise that comes with a long time investment in her own personal & professional development. You can read all about her background on the Meet Teraysa page but in a nutshell: She has been studying the mind, body, Spirit relationship for well over 30 years. Her undergrad work was at Cal Poly in Art & Design with a Minor in Psychology. At JFK University in Northern California she received her Master’s Degree in Psychology (Consciousness & Transformational Studies) from the Holistic Studies Department. There is far more to her than meets the eye having overcome many obstacles in her own life. Teraysa works directly with her clients but she does have a team of supportive co-workers who she occasionally partners, consults and creates workshops with to ensure you get the results you want.


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