In our sessions you can expect to experience mindful compassion, spiritual leadership, and mind/body/spirit centered practices that you can use daily to feel focused, creative, calm, courageous, nourished, and resourced.

Between sessions, I will support you with email exchanges or texts. My intention is for you to feel I’m alongside you, which of course I am. We will find ways that are uniquely supportive to you, so that you feel connected, seen, heard, and held.

Soul Sessions go very deep. They’re about presence and purpose, remembering, and allowing. Together we can create the spaciousness you need to grow. It’s for people who know that cultivating a more compassionate world begins with our own inner world. It’s about commitment, focus, and the courage to embrace change, self-compassion, and letting your light shine in our world in a way that only you can. My clients recognize that their well-being is essential to the well-being of their families, their work, and the world.

By nourishing ourselves, everyone benefits. When your needs are met and you feel good, you can more deeply serve others and live your truth. And the world is a more compassionate place because of your clear and loving presence.

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