I experienced a genuine internal shift during my coaching.
“I experienced a genuine internal shift during the "Your Divine Connection" coaching. Both Michael and Teraysa provided me with invaluable insight to my true worth and potential. A few of the exercises they offered helped me gain a deeper understanding of the connection between my beliefs and values and how they were shaping the quality of my relationships. I ended the coaching around January and literally met the love of my life the following month of February! I know that meeting the man of my dreams a few weeks after coaching was no accident. Thanks to Michael and Teraysa my vibration was truly lifted; and they gave me life-long tools that I can utilize whenever I intend to achieve a certain level of peace and awareness. Thanks Michael and Teraysa for helping me understand my infinite value and potential! (This testimonial was from a collaboration with colleague Michael Torres Jaimes. We coached Aminah together for a month.)”
From Sad to Glad, Teraysa is a wise & wonderful Coach
“I went from depressed, sad, agoraphobic, overweight, unhappily married and generally disliking myself to... joyfully loving life, easily going outdoors, releasing my marriage, getting a raise, meeting the man of my dreams and loosing 20+ pounds with no effort. Here is my story. When I met Teraysa I was anxious all the time, I was afraid to go outside because it felt too overwhelming and confusing. i could not sleep, and I was attempting to lose weight with no success. I hate to admit it but I was numbing myself with lots of marijuana and occasionally other meds, feeling very depressed. Meeting Teraysa was synchronicity and I cried learning she was a life coach, I had been thinking I needed one, and somewhere deep inside I knew I was meeting her for a reason. (By the way, I am not  a woman who generally cries easily). Anyhow, I was ready to dig in and do everything she would coach me to do, and I did. Because of Teraysa's excellent, compassionate and caring coaching…. I went from confused to clear. I stopped using tons of pot,  and I began learning to deeply love myself and as my strength and courage grew, I began to enjoy the outdoors again. In time I became stronger and stronger. I was happier, healthier and my faith in my self and my Higher Power was growing. Grocery shopping that had felt like an insurmountable task grew easier and easier. My self-confidence began to soar. Eventually I realized that I needed to leave my husband. Teraysa had no idea that I was thinking this was my next step and yet supported me with unconditional love, warmth and kindness as I made my choice. She was even there for us on a call just after I broke the news to him. To all of our bewilderment, he actually thanked her for all the work we had been doing--he could see how much happier I was-- and then to our surprise even thanked her for helping me to do what he also knew needed to happen. Crazy right? Our divorce was more amicable than most and still I needed Teraysa's support as we moved through the separation. She was there for me at all kinds of challenging times, often at a moment's notice. I cannot thank her enough for all of the love, wisdom and empowerment I received from our work together. I would highly recommend her to any woman wanting a wise and wonderful woman by their side. I wouldn't be living a much better life now without her help.”
I am Totally Inspired by Teraysa’s Coaching
“I approached Teraysa for coaching at a time when I was feeling wobbly and paralyzed with tasks required of me that I did not know how to begin. She created a safe and acknowledging space in which I was able to both, be where I was, and then re-connect with my confidence and strengths in order to accomplish the tasks at hand. She broke it down and made it seem easier. Teraysa also coached me through the preparation phases of a project I had envisioned, but didn't have the knowledge I needed to get started on, and she generously provided step-by-step instructions so that I could move forward. As a creative person, I especially value working with her, because I innovate but don't always know how to pull off. I have found that less creative people can be discouraging, but Teraysa can see the possibilities and always knows the next step which nourishes the creative spark, and moves things forward. The coaching we did together propelled me through a year of business, creative and personal growth and development. Taking her Mandala painting class was a deepening of that original work we shared. I am totally inspired by Teraysa’s coaching, creativity, and Mandala Making classes. I would recommend her to anyone.”
I feel gratitude in my heart that you’ve come into my life. We’re on an amazing journey together and I thank you for sharing it with me. The best is yet to come!
“Thinking about you, you are 0n my grateful list this year. I think you've had an impact on me, I feel myself changing. I'm really loving myself more, taking better care, and going easier on my body dysmorphia. Aging is very hard for me. My son says I'm a lot different except when my daughter and her drama and abusive nature appears, but I've found a place for that and I'm so not sad, angry, or hurt. Basically indifferent and not vulnerable anymore, I've done a really great and amazing job as her Mother and the rest is on her. I hope you have a special and blessed day tomorrow and let's think of Jesus, ok? He loves us a lot and we love Him. If I don’t speak with you, have a very Merry Christmas, and thank you for your wisdom and all you have invested in me, I'm a work in progress but I feel the changes in me. Love you, B”
I am now more confident, happy and I feel that I am closer to achieving my goals.
“I have been working with Teraysa Guinasso for 4 months, it has been an amazing experience for me. She has helped me in bringing clarity into my vision. Along with her easy to apply Law of Attraction exercises, shas also helped in shattering down my limiting beliefs. It has been a very positive journey overall, her tools and resources have really helped me in simplifying my life. As a result, I am now more confident, happy and I feel that I am closer to achieving my goals!!”
This Program Has Changed My Life
“I believe this program has changed my life permanently. Introducing this resource to others like me could be a HUGE help. My thinking process has been altered in a beautiful & positive way. I can sleep at night, my panic attacks are less frequent and I can finally see the light! I’m learning to love myself and respect my body, and I am learning to live a positive and healthy life. This program has showed me how to address challenges with a completely different approach. I have gone through the traditional mental care process, attended group therapy, gone to counseling, and taken Prozac, but nothing has been as inspiring or helpful as working with Teraysa.”

"I'm So Ready for Relief"